In the District

“I am honored and thankful for the privilege to serve you and the other residents of District 7, and be one of the inaugural seven Detroit City Council members elected in the new district system,” said Councilman Gabe Leland.

Councilman Leland hosted my first District 7 Chat. Residents were invited to share their neighborhood issues and bring their neighbors. The councilman appreciates the support of McDonald’s at 9815 Grand River Ave. for hosting and providing coffee.

Currently, Councilman Leland is looking into how we create jobs through the demolition and reuse of vacant properties. He supports a material reuse program that recycles items from soon-to-be demolished houses and other structures.

Bimonthly bulk trash pick-up and a weekly curbside recycling program was approved by City Council  in February (Councilman Leland voted in support) through two new contracts. The new services will begin in June. This will reduce blight in our neighborhoods and improve trash collection service reliability.

Councilman Leland’s office will continue to partner with neighborhood groups for clean-up and blight removal initiatives in District 7 and across this city. If you have a project that you want to invite the councilman to participate, email him or call the office at 313-224-2151.