Council District 7 Update: Land transfer for new Detroit Red Wings arena is best case scenario

Dear Detroiter,

The citizens of the new Council District 7 placed their faith in me to serve with forward-thinking leadership. I made a commitment to voters that we will seek and secure more platforms for Detroiters to get jobs. Since day one, we have worked toward this goal and most recently hit a milestone in the first 35 days in office.

On Tuesday, February 4, Detroit City Council approved a city-owned land transfer between downtown and midtown, taking another step in the process to begin construction of a new Detroit Red Wings arena that will be joined by housing, retail and entertainment projects.

This catalyst development will finally connect midtown to downtown in an area that has seen very little development in the past several decades. The arena development is planned for the area bordered by Woodward Avenue on the east, I-75 Fisher Freeway on the south, Cass Avenue on the west, and Temple to the north.

We have created a starting point for community benefits and job opportunities for economic development with this catalyst project — the largest development for Detroit in the past several decades. The new hockey arena and ancillary entertainment district projects will provide the best case scenario for development in that area of the city that brings jobs for Detroiters.

As Chair of the Planning and Economic Development Committee, I will work with my colleagues to hold Olympia Development of Michigan accountable in ensuring that Detroiters attain many of the construction and permanent jobs. A key component was an agreement for a Neighborhood Advisory Council that will be a voice for the community as the project moves forward. Detroit City Council will appoint 25% of the 12-16 members who will serve on this committee. The composition of the Neighborhood Advisory Council will include a diverse group of individuals who possess a wide range of experience and background that will be called upon to provide input throughout the life of the project.

I want to ensure District 7’s interests are heard on this project as the formation of the Neighborhood Advisory Council is established. If you have an interest in possibly representing District 7 on the catalyst project’s Neighborhood Advisory Council please forward your resume and other supporting documentation to Also, you may inquire about updates on District Community Advisory Councils and other economic development in the city of Detroit and District 7.

I look forward to seeing Detroiters on the job when construction begins on the new arena development.

Your partner in Detroit’s resurgence,

Gabe Leland
Detroit City Council – District 7