Campaign Literature


A Letter from Mom about my Son…

I’m Rosanne Leland. My son Gabe is your city councilman and he is running for re-election. So, I wanted to write to tell you some things about him that you may not know…

Gabe is our youngest son. My husband Burton and I were living in Rosedale Park when Gabe was born at Sinai Hospital.

Gabe grew up with a family that was committed to serving the public and helping others. My husband and I were both social workers. Burton decided to get involved in the political arena to fight against redlining by insurance companies, and I worked as a domestic abuse and sexual assault counselor with the Detroit Police Department. You could say that helping others through public service is in our DNA!

Gabe grew up around campaigns and events with community leaders. Here he’s “campaigning” with his Dad and hanging out with the late Mayor Coleman Young.

One day when Gabe and I visited his Dad on the floor of the State House, Gabe tried his hand at public speaking and he immediately knew what he wanted to do! He wanted to follow in his parents footsteps!

Now I’m not going to tell you that the path was always easy. Like many people, Gabe faced challenges along the way. But he always bounced back and finished strong. He never gave up on his goal of following in his parents footsteps; serving the public and trying to make the world a better place.

That is why it was one of the proudest moments of my life when Gabe was elected as a StateĀ  Representative in 2004. During Gabe’s 6 years as a State Rep, I was very proud of him and the work he did for the people he represented!

Gabe works tirelessly for the people he represents. He makes sure calls are returned and issues handled. He created the “Defend Our Neighbors” campaign; which helped people facing tax foreclosures stay in their homes. Gabe knows that strong neighborhoods are built with strong families working together!

So that is why I wanted to write to you today. To share with you that my song Gabe is a smart, compassionate, open-minded man; and I am so proud to be his Mom! I am asking for your vote for my son, Gabe Leland for City Council. He continues to make me proud and he is working hard to make you proud too!